The Community

Robert and I have an incredibly supportive little group of friends. Three of those friends own a T Shirt company here in Oklahoma City called The Okay See. When Robert ran the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon back in March, those friends designed and printed up a T Shirt for him to wear and honor his daughter as he ran. They made enough for our family to wear as we chased him around the city in our cars and cheered him on as he ran the dumbest number of miles in an even dumber amount of time. (He’s super fast and athletic, and I hate him)
I posted pictures to Facebook and Instagram, and several people wanted to know where they could buy a shirt too. We talked it over with our friends and decided that if people wanted a shirt, we may as well do it as a fundraiser for our friends adopting from the Congo. They did a two week preorder of shirts, and I couldn’t believe the amount of shirts that were ordered! My little family was beyond surprised at the number of people who wanted to show us their love and support. It was humbling and inspiring. When the shirts were printed and shipped out, I asked people to send in modeling pics when they got them. I wasn’t prepared for my feelings when I saw each individual picture, nor was I prepared for the creativity of my friends. The pictures show our supporters in several different locations, from family dinners to OKC Thunder playoff games, and from Ada, OK to Guam and Australia.
After I started posting all of the pictures we were getting, we also started getting messages asking where people could get a shirt, or messages stating how sad someone was because they missed the ordering deadline. The boys and I talked it over again, and they were willing to do yet another preorder. You can order one of these shirts by June 21st at . We have been so blessed to be able to see the community rally around us, and there is no way to thank you enough, wether you buy a shirt or not. Thank you for all you’ve done for us.
Robert, Abbey, Dylan, Harper Lou, and Annie















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