The Kindness 

  If you are finding your way here because of one of these cards, welcome!!! I hope you enjoyed your act of kindness!

I am Abbey, Annie’s mom. If you choose to go to the very beginning and read her whole journey you won’t be disappointed, but allow me to sum up here.

Annie is our third daughter (of four! ❤️❤️❤️❤️) We knew a few months before she was born that she was not made for this earth. We carried her to term in the hopes of a few precious moments with her. She was born on June 26, 2013, and she lived a beautiful and incredible 14 hours and 58 minutes. She spent her entire life surrounded by love, joy, and peace, and it was one of the best days of my life.

Because we knew our daughters fate before she was born, we used that precious time to intentionally plan for her. We planned for every possible scenario. We planned for time with her big sisters, we planned for pictures, we covered all our bases. Most of all we planned her gift of life. We worked diligently with LifeShare of Oklahoma, and because of their hard work and preparation, Annie became the very first newborn infant organ donor in Oklahoma.

We are so incredibly proud of our baby girl and the lives she has touched, including yours. To you it may seem like just a simple random act of kindness, but to me, each act was deliberately performed by someone who loves her. I know her life was small and finite, but this is our way of keeping her memory alive and honoring her. Annie’s entire existence was one of faith, love, and giving, and even if you don’t choose to read her story please consider being a part of her legacy. Do something kind for someone else for no reason other than that you can. Lives have been changed because of Annie, and lives can be changed because of you.

*I would love to hear how someone’s act of kindness impacted your day! I encourage you to go to the Pistol Annie Facebook page and share your story.

*You absolutely do not need a card to be kind, but if you would like to perform an act of kindness in Annie’s honor,  email your mailing address to (abbey with an E!) and I would be so happy to mail you some cards.  


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