Home Sweet Homa

Over the past few years (yeah, that’s right, YEARS) many of you have asked me how our friends Eric & Kylie have been doing in the process of adopting their little boy from the Congo. I have always answered with a sigh, a shrug, and a shake of my head. “They’re still waiting.” It has been an incredibly long, excruciating process for them to be seperated from their son. They have had countless people known and unknown to them praying for them and their sweet boy for so long. Robert and I have felt oddly connected to them from the beginning, as two sets of parents just longing to hold their babies. 

Several of you have donated to them in the past, and as the days, weeks, and months have slowly passed by, expenses have added up. I am BEYOND thrilled to share that in less than 2 weeks they will be headed to the Congo to FINALLY get their son!!! If you would like to contribute to them and help lighten their financial load a bit as they finally end their adoption journey, it would be greatly appreciated. It has been so beautiful to watch these two rally the community around them, hold steadfast through their pain, all the while leaning on the Lord. God bless you, Eric & Kylie, and your precious boys. ❤️

UPDATE: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who donated and prayed for this sweet family! My heart melts when I see Joah’s gorgeous bright smile, and watching him play with Iva was the most beautiful thing. Praise the Lord, he is home.


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