Annie Rachel Ahern

Annie is our third daughter. She was diagnosed with anencephaly at 19 weeks gestation. She was born on June 26, 2013 at 8:36 am, and passed away at 11:34 pm the same day, and she became the very first infant organ donor in the state of Oklahoma. Annie was so much more than her mere moments on this earth. She has changed me in an undeniable way, and I pray she does the same for you. Thank you for taking the time to meet our sweet little pistol.


*To celebrate Annie’s second birthday we have asked friends and family to commit acts of kindness in her honor. If you would like to be a part of her celebration and legacy there are “kindness cards” available in these local OKC businesses:

The Okay See -Located in The Paramount on Film Row, at 7 N. Lee Avenue, OKC OK 73102

Salon Envy – 5007 N. Rockwell Ave., Bethany, OK 73008

Cuppies & Joe – 727 NW 23rd St, OKC, OK 73103

**If you are not local, email your mailing address to and I would be so happy to mail you some cards.


19 thoughts on “Annie Rachel Ahern

  1. I saw your beautiful Annie featured on the Donate Life Float facebook site. I found your story online after. What an amazing story. We had a baby with anencephaly, Amalya Nathaniel, who donated liver, pancreas, and whole body – all for research. Since having our little guy I have created a website about Neonatal Organ Donation. It is called Purposeful Gift ( I would love to share your story on my website, under my donation stories section. I am so blessed that your little lady was able to make such a huge impact on the world and that your story will be shared via the Rose Parade! Congrats on your amazing little lady.

  2. I saw your story in the Sunday paper. My son also was born and passed away on January 11, 2009 with Anencephaly. Logan was born at OU medical center in OKC. I was suprised and overwhelmed with emotion while reading Annie’s and your family’s story. How amazing that you were able to donate her organs. Sending lots of hugs and prayers!

  3. i have followed your story for awhile through Facebook! I would love to get some of the act of kindness cards, how do I go about getting them? I Love this idea!

  4. I’d love to get some of those cards an honor your little girl. I’m sorry for your loss, but humbled and overwhelmed at how you’ve risen above this.

  5. I shared your story on facebook, The courage & love in your family touches a depth of my heart I cannot describe in words. Because Annie’s Birthday is almost here & I have used Fox News25 photo of the cards to print some cards myself in honor of your daughter. I am determined to challenge myself to do a few deeds this week while handing out these cards.

    • Thank you so much for contributing to Annie’s legacy Angela. We appreciate it so much! I also appreciate you sharing her story. All mommas love talking about their babies, and the more people that hear about her and fall in love with her just makes me that much more proud. 🙂

  6. Beautiful! I can’t think of anything else to say about that part of your lives you have shared. I WILL do acts of kindness in Pistol Annie Ahern’s name tomorrow. Thank you for sharing

  7. This is so sad…I had my lil angel at 24 weeks n 2 days…she weighed 1lb and 9oz….she lived 14 months….all I can say is God bless y’all and ur family

  8. I first read about your story in the Oklahoman not realizing I was reading a story about someone I knew. I went grade school with Robert. My prayers went out to your family immediately. Then today your story came up on Facebook book feed about how your making such a wonderful impacted on our community, and I would love to help! I work in a large salon in Okc and I would love to get some of your act of kindness cards and share them with my team and clients in the salon!! Please let me know how I can get some cards!

  9. Hello!
    I just wanted to say how amazing of a story! I saw it on Lifenews and was blown away by the love that poured from your family! I am in Colorado and would love some cards to share here to spread the news and share your little girl and your families story. I believe this is the kind of story that makes the difference in lives of others in ways that one may never know. May the Lord bless you and your family tremendously for choosing life. I would like to say “thank you” for not aborting your daughter, I know so many women who because of the confusion and shock ,have pressure to or feel its the “best option”, however, you remind these women that life is precious and that if they terminate their child because of a disability or a rare disease that they will never meet their child and have what ever moments they could have, as you did with your daughter. For abortion takes a life, and hurts a mother and family, and to me, thats Gods decision not a doctors or ours to make, so thank you for leaving it in His hands, for this you will be blessed. Your strength and love echo for miles as it travels through many hearts and inspire many lives.Your family is nothing short of amazing. Many you continue to hold His hand as you celebrate what a beautiful life he made and gave and is now holding Himself. May you find comport in knowing that Annie really made an impact on many lives, more than can be counted! Happy Birthday Annie!

    • Thank you so much for your support. Carrying a child with a terminal illness is so incredibly difficult, and carrying her to term was the right decision for us. I would never claim to know what’s best for another woman, nor would I judge her, and after walking through that time in our life I can absolutely understand why someone would make the decision to terminate, but I can only hope that someone in a similar situation finds our story and sees the joy and the hope that can come from that pain. I am grateful for the time we had with Annie, and I’m so happy that her story is spreading and more people are meeting her. I would love to send you some cards! If you email me your address ( we will send you some right away. Thank you again for getting to know our sweet girl!

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  11. This is absolutely beautiful. I’m so inspired by your heart and the way you are influencing the world in a loving and simple way!

  12. I just read an article about you on Good Housekeeping. I’m not ashamed to admit that it cried more than I have in quite some time. You and Annie’s story is moving, amazing and profound. I have never had to go through what you have, delivering a child who you knew would not survive long. Your strength of character and love overwhelmed me. I have only worked through 5 early miscarriages (6-9 weeks). I understand the alone feeling. I have been open with friends and family about how hard me and my husband worked to have the 2 wonderful children we have. But what you have accomplished is astonishing and amazing. I just had to let you know.

  13. I’ve fallen in love with annie and you and your family by reading annies story! May God bless you and your family with all happiness and good health. I adore your decision and annie

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